My first reader
Reading made easy & fun for youngsters
Does someone you know want to read?  Do you have a child that wants to learn to read?  Are you having difficulty finding books for beginners?
Here's your answer
This treasury of
 interactive e-books
for emergent readers is a spring board into the wonderful and exciting world of reading.
Born out of concern for children, parents and beginning reading teachers alike, these programs are the concept of a kindergarten/1st grade teacher to fill a grave need for beginning readers. This allows children to practice reading at a highly successful level and to build confidence, vocabulary and enjoyment of books on the way to reading independence. This is a great tool for the classroom!
All of our books build vocabulary and sight word recognition. They also teach many science, social studies, math and reading expectations for young children.
Myfirstreader contains over 165 books
Facts About Reading
With desire and confidence most anyone can learn to read.  The key to keeping the confidence and building on that confidence is having books to read at a level that brings immediate and continual success. You wouldn't learn to ski very well starting on the advanced slopes before learning how to stand on skis. The same is true with reading. Start at the beginning and go as far as your confidence will carry you. It may take more than one try at the bunny slope. Here are some other facts about reading that you might not know:

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