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Reading Activities
You don't have to be actually reading to learn important reading and developmental skills. That's why we have included additional activities in our interactive e-books. Here are the activites as well as some additional ideas for activities to help your child along the path to reading:
Print & Make books
 - This can be a parent-child project or an individual activity depending on your child's age, experience, and developemental level.
Print pages by clicking on the printer icon in the interactive e-book.
Cut pages to size. (Cutting is a good for developing small muscles)
Put in order. (This is good for sequencing and math skills)
Staple or hole punch and tie together. (Punching and tying are good skills for developing small muscles)
Ownership of a book, particularly self made is very motivating for re-reading. It gives the child an opportunity to read the book to several different people (Mom, Dad, grandparents, brother, sister, dog, cat, dolls, etc). Remember re-reading is an important reading strategy. 
Make puzzles
 - This activity should be set up for a child to work on.
 Print out the book as before.
Cut the pages into connecting puzzle pieces.
Allow child to assemble.
Cut puzzle into 2 pieces or several pieces depending on the child's age and developmental level. Puzzles for children work best if the cut pieces include a word or phrase with a large part of the picture. This gives your child the opportunity to match words with pictures with the self connecting clue of picture and puzzle pieces fitting together.
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